We’re Building Intelligent Supply Chains for Today and Tomorrow — Smart, Rugged, Complete.

We understand your business process is unique — Omni-ID’s experienced team of internal experts along with our network of partners can architect the right auto-ID solution for you — software, hardware, middleware and RFID physics — from start to finish.

  • Customized: Award winning portfolio of RFID products and services customized for your application
  • Innovative: original inventor on-metal RFID tag and only e-Label solution designed for manufacturing & supply chain
  • Established: Generating efficiencies for Fortune 500 customers around the globe

Watch the video showing real RFID solutions.


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Omni-ID ProVIEW System
Turn your paper labeled boxes into “Smart Containers” with ProVIEW, the only e-label solution for materials and process flow management. Learn more

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Our spectrum of products offers solutions to a wide range
of challenging and complex applications.