We’re Building Intelligent Supply Chains for Today and Tomorrow — Smart, Rugged, Complete.

Omni-ID is a leading force driving the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in manufacturing and industry. Our complete auto-ID solutions establish a connected environment where end-to-end, in-process visibility, right down to the individual asset level is now a reality. Whether it’s tracking work-in-process items, counting inventory or replacing paper with dynamic, traceable e-paper work instructions, our auto-ID solutions are built to be easily configurable to any workflow. Omni-ID’s IoT solutions are generating efficiencies for some of the largest Manufacturing, Energy and IT companies around the globe.

We understand industrial business processes are unique. Omni-ID’s broad network of global partners and experienced team of internal experts can architect a complete auto-ID solution for you including hardware, software and deployment physics — from start to finish.

  • Comprehensive: Largest portfolio of industrial auto-ID products and services on the market; customized, intelligent solutions for your application.
  • Innovative: Original inventor and patent-holder for key on-metal technologies and e-paper solution for industrial asset management applications.
  • Proven: Customer base includes several top 10 global automotive manufacturers, leading energy industry companies, IT asset management companies including Cisco, and government entities from around the globe including NASA and the USMC.

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Omni-ID ProVIEW System
Turning your paper labeled boxes into IoT “Smart Containers” is simple with ProVIEW; the only e-label solution designed for industrial materials and process flow management. Learn more

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Our spectrum of products offers solutions for industrial asset management in a wide range of challenging and complex environments.

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