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Omni-ID is leading the way for industry to take advantage of the benefits that RFID can bring when deployed and implemented in a well-designed solution.

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Omni-ID’s industrial RFID tags offer passive RFID, active RFID and visual tag solutions with a wide range of performance, read distances and form factors for a multitude of asset tracking, management and compliance applications. Read on to see which RFID tags are being used for IT Asset Management, the Energy Industry, Tool and Rental Equipment Tracking as well as Manufacturing and Logistics.

ProVIEW System

In addition to our broad range of RFID tags, we also offer the only complete visual tagging system solution on the market – ProVIEW. With a wide range of sizes, this groundbreaking solution offers a solution of visual tags, readers and software. Primarily used in the manufacturing industry, this system provides both asset tracking and dynamic visual instructions – right on the tag.


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An ideal choice for durable, repetitive labeling in harsh environments, Omni-ID’s View Tags offer three sizes of electrophoretic display (e-paper). Designed to replace paper labels in cyclic processes, supply chain operations and dynamic barcode label tasks, View tags add the benefit of an electronically re-writable surface to advanced RFID tracking technologies.

Power Tags

The Power 415 with its combined Active RFID and open IEEE protocol is capable of tremendous performance while tracking assets in harsh environments and is certified intrinsically safe (ATEX/ IEC-Ex) and (C1/D1) for use in dangerous environments. For an extremely rugged active tag look no further.

IQ Tags



Omni-ID’s line of low-profile and printable on-metal RFID labels are used primarily for tracking IT Assets in datacentres and offices. With print, peel and stick flexibility, tagging IT Assets is simple, cost effective, and efficient. With both global frequencies, balanced performance for both on/off metal or with a tethered attachment this broad range of passive RFID label products come in a variety of sizes and read ranges.


With the industry’s best size to performance ratio – the FIT range of tags includes a wide variety of the smallest, lowest profile RFID tags on the market. From the ability to survive 225 degrees C High temperatures in cyclical applications, to the flexibility of on/off metal performance, and the ability to embed at the point of manufacture – these passive RFID tags are ideal for tool, medical, and small equipment tracking.

Exo/Dura Tags

Deployed today in some of the harshest environments on earth – Omni-ID’s Dura range are the most rugged passive RFID tags in the industry. Exo tags, true to their name, provide the durability of an encased RFID tag for applications requiring a small footprint in a harsh environment. Both families of tags offer a variety of sizes for tracing industrial assets as well as tracking small containers and RTI’s in manufacturing.

Adept Tags

One of the reasons why Omni-ID has the largest product portfolio in the market is our ability to create Custom products to fit your needs. Sometimes these products remain custom for a specific application and other times, they become products marketed to our global customer base. Many of our custom products are part of our Adept Range. From a strap attachment tag for large cylinders to a High Memory RFID tag or a steel-encased tag for very heavy industrial uses – we’ve designed this family of industrial RFID tags to meet specialty use cases and non-traditional applications. These are just a few of our custom capabilities. Check out our Custom page to many more.

Link Devices

Link Devices offer passive and active RFID reader capability in multiple form factors. From handheld readers, to rugged tablets, including our Link Network Gateway and Link Mobile Gateway, all link products drive the flow of information to our asset management system. With the impending introduction of Bluetooth capability in the Link Mobile Gateway, communication throughout the supply chain could not be more efficient. To learn more about supported readers, contact us for details.