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From passive RFID tags to intelligent IoT devices – Omni-ID has all your tracking, sensing and monitoring needs covered.

Increased process complexity and ever evolving demands for tracking and monitoring data call for agile, creative solutions. Omni-ID have always led the way in pushing the boundaries of passive RFID tag technology and are now complementing those core products with robust, high performance devices that link to the Internet of Things.

Omni-ID is driving tracking and connectivity in manufacturing and industry with tags and devices that enable business critical processes. We establish reliable, connected environments where end-to-end asset management, in process visibility and real-time control, right down to the individual asset level is now a cost effective reality.

Introducing Sense, our new range of IoT devices

We have harnessed the power of Bluetooth and LoRaWAN to create intelligent, powerful IoT devices.

The new ‘Sense’ range combines a comprehensive set of sensors with a potent mixture of technologies such as Bluetooth Low energy, GPS and high performance, open standard LPWAN communication protocols to create hugely effective IoT devices. The devices are powerful yet hugely energy efficient providing a long life.

As with all Omni-ID products the new range comes with high levels of innovation and production quality built in, ensuring long range, high accuracy and cost effectiveness.

The Sense range is the first in an anticipated long line of forward looking communication devices from Omni-ID offering robust, reliable and effective linkage to the Internet of Things.

This is the future of tracking, monitoring, sensing and data gathering.



Our passive & IoT devices monitor and track a huge variety of assets and products during the manufacturing process and afterwards when the goods are in transit


Trusted by NASA, Cisco, Citibank and more to accurately track mission critical IT Assets across the globe


Widest range of solutions for medical and industrial tools featuring products with the highest heat ratings and best performing embeddable tags in the industry


Award winning, intrinsically safe passive & active RFID solutions currently tracking millions of assets in the harshest environments around the globe


Proudly deploying millions of tags for the USMC to track mobile assets including rolling stock, weapons and IT assets


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