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Best Practices for RFID in Harsh Environments

Omni-ID RFID tags are the most rugged tags in the industry. Simply put: we offer the largest selection of industrial RFID tags and visual tag solutions available (I could brag about how we are the original patent-holder for on-metal RFID…

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Reflections on RFID Journal LIVE

Industry trends and why they matter. Do you pay attention to the latest trends — like what diet fad is sweeping social media, or what color IS the new black? Whether you are or not, when it comes to this…

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Active vs. Passive RFID

Breaking down the options for IT & datacenter asset management. In my last post, we discovered how RFID is revolutionizing IT & Datacenter Asset Management and how it’s increasingly becoming the popular choice. In short, RFID just offers more options…

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A Better Way to Track IT and Data Center Assets

How RFID is improving IT asset management. Manual tracking is a thing of the past. Well, almost. While RFID is becoming the increasingly popular choice for IT asset management, some organizations have yet to make the move and continue to…

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Meet Mo

Your go-to guru for all things RFID! If you’re looking for information on RFID, the latest technology, industry breakthroughs and helpful advice, you’re in the right place. Maureen “Mo” Creary is your go-to guru for all things RFID. As the…

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