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Embedded RFID: Know More with Simple, Connected, Cost Effective Solutions.

Embedded RFID tags are the key component to creating an IoT (Internet of Things) connected environment. RFID is one of the most reliable and lowest cost of the IoT technologies, enabling the network of connected machines, devices, objects and applications. This connected network provides you with the data and analytics that help you to KNOW MORE and make critical business decisions – faster.

Embedded-Callouts-1Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who is source tagging assets for reverse logistics or as a service to your customers, or an end user in a hospital or datacenter, the promise of big data and enhanced process efficiencies is driving IoT from the consumer market into business … and at a perfect time.

Concealed within a high value device or asset, embedded RFID tags help automate tasks such as inventory management and work in process tracking to provide visibility across a facility or supply chain, as well as track maintenance or returns once your product is commercialized.

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Know More: Embedded RFID for Industrial Applications

Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who is source tagging assets for reverse logistics or as a service to your customers, or an end user in a hospital or datacenter, you may be considering embedded RFID for enhanced process visibility. Find out more about the “science” around embedded tagging and what to look for when considering embedding RFID into your products.

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Added Value for Your Customers

Everyone is demanding more today – more value, more features, more data. If you could deliver more to your customer wouldn’t that make you a more valuable partner?

Embedded-Callouts-2RFID-enabled products increase your value as an OEM and separate you from the competition. With this inexpensive, discreet tag you provide your customers the ability to create an Enterprise Asset Management solution that can improve their productivity and reduce costs. Not only are assets now easily traceable at all times, they are relaying information that helps workers know more about the business in order to improve material flow and asset management.

Tags hold more than just their ID# – these tags hold thousands of bytes of your data! Products can now carry their information with them wherever they go – which also means all the way through your distribution network. No expensive new systems or system integrations, unique information with each product!

Improved Process Traceability

  • Track product lot numbers, revision level and configuration data for components

Enhanced Supply Chain & Reverse Logistics Management

  • Easily & accurately track products between factory, distribution and consumer (from sale to repair or return)

Product Life Cycle Management & MRO

  • Monitor performance and predict maintenance needs

Enhanced Product Security

  • Eliminate fraud, counterfeit products and the potential for warranty abuses

Manage Your Assets in Real Time

A comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution is one of the easiest and most obvious solutions enterprises are deploying to reduce operational costs and improve profitability. RFID-enabled products create a connected environment that enables you to gain efficiencies in the two areas with the greatest opportunity:

Inventory Management

  • Efficiently manage your inventory to greatly reduce lost assets, over purchasing of products, and the unnecessary replacement of products or devices

Work in Process

  • Gain unparalleled end-to-end visibility into your supply chain to help improve material flow management

MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations)

  • Track certification and repair history on mission-critical equipment

The Science of Embedded Tagging

embeddedcarrierIt’s easy to see why Omni-ID is the market leader in designing and developing embedded tags. Our capabilities range from a team of in-house engineers and experts that design and architect solutions all the way though to our wholly owned manufacturing facility. We ensure you get the highest quality product, specific to your application, at the best price in the market.

We understand it’s not one size fits all when it comes to embedding RFID into your products, that’s the Omni-ID difference.

  • More options: tags for on-metal, in-metal or plastic
  • More choices: variety of form factors designed for small site/long range and discreet placement within a variety of metal or plastic materials
  • Higher quality: designed for optimal performance depending on tag placement inside recesses
  • Eliminate the guess work: tag placement carriers and application guidance (link to user guide)
  • Best pricing for comparable tags in the market!

The Omni-ID solution becomes even more compelling when you consider adding asset tracking software. This software can be used as standalone or integrate with an existing ERP to provide a complete asset management solution passing data over a local network to allow machines and humans to work collaboratively. These flexible solutions allow businesses to focus on specific use cases that relate to their strategy and goals.

Custom Capabilities – We build your solution

Having manufactured and sold millions of embedded tags globally across a wide range of industries and products including golf balls, drill pipes for oil and gas exploration, medical device trays and tires we understand that many assets require a customized embedded solution for optimal performance. The type of asset and the tag location within it can affect the tag’s performance.

Is your asset metal, plastic or wood? We make it easy to embed within your plastic mold tooling process. Is your asset used in a high temperature application, or a harsh environment? If you have a unique application, we can build you a customized tag to fit your asset.

Why are we so confident we can build your tag? Unlike other suppliers, we own our manufacturing and R&D facilities. This enables our engineers and RFID experts to conduct extensive testing, both off-site and on-site at customer facilities, ensuring that each application works as promised upon implementation.

Below is a sampling of the embedded RFID applications we have designed and manufactured:

GolfballrfidGolf Balls
RFID tags have been encased in hundreds of thousands of golf balls to track the distance and location of the balls. This is currently being used in a highly popular premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout.

embedded_rfidMedical Devices
Healthcare and medical device organizations lose billions of dollars annually due to waste, inefficiency and lack of visibility. Embedding RFID into medical devices and equipment provides the ability to track and audit medical instruments, tools and materials throughout the hospital – from delivery to storage to point of use. Better manage the supply chain while meeting the FDA’s UDI regulations.

embedded_rfidTools and Tooling
The Omni-ID Bolt tag and Pin tag were developed and deployed for in-process/production tracking. Utilized to track each step through the manufacturing process, the RFID-enabled bolt or pin is temporarily placed on a product or in tooling to ensure quality and process accuracy without halting assembly. Data is cleared from the tag at the end of the process and the highly durable bolt or pin is removed and reused.

embedded_rfidFinished Products
Omni-ID’s expertise with embedded tagging in rugged, high impact and vibration environments (balance, orientation and environmental changes) makes it the perfect solution for OEMs seeking to provide value to customers and end users.

In the retail industry embedded tags enable you to more efficiently manage inventory to avoid under stocking and over purchasing. The analytics fed back from the product provides critical data that can help you understand how users are experiencing your product. Our manufacturing expertise enables us to customize based on application and asset, even considering ergonomics as seen on these eyeglasses.

motorola_knobsMotorola Radio Knobs
Designed to assist in Motorola’s inventory management process, an RFID custom tag was developed to embed into a volume-control knob which can be retrofitted into two-way radios enabling users to conduct inventory counts of 50 radios in six seconds, instead of four minutes. Read RFID Journal Article

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