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Reliable & Rugged Asset Tracking Solutions for the Harshest Environments

Supply chain optimization is now an imperative for corporations, unfortunately existing track and trace functionality has not been previously available to cover the end to end supply chain. This is especially true in the Energy industry which is hampered by poor visibility of assets and equipment affected by onshore and offshore locations, large lay down yards and often very harsh environments.

Deploying an RFID solution in harsh environments requires specific knowledge and considerations that can only be gained through extensive experience.  From the Middle East to the North Sea, Omni-ID has implemented solutions across diverse environments – each with their own set of challenges. From architecting a solution for asset tracking, MRO or meeting regulatory requirements there are a number of specific factors that must be considered:

  • Metal or non-metal assets
  • Specific use of the asset
  • Asset location
  • Asset environment
  • Regional or global use
  • Explosive environment

A team of Omni-ID professionals can help you to identify specific environmentals and asset management requirements to define an optimal solution.

Omni-ID named as one of CIO Review's 20 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers 2016.



Automated Asset Management

Designed specifically to meet the very unique needs for utilities and the oil & gas industry, Omni-ID has developed RFID-based solutions that provide the process visibility necessary for automating inventory, locating assets and managing your equipment lifecycles.

Omni-ID solutions can help to dramatically reduce downtime, improve safety & compliance and provide the real-time asset visibility for efficient inventory and equipment maintenance management. From construction and exploration phases to production and distribution, Omni-ID has architected solutions for companies around the globe:

  • Off shore drilling platforms
  • Land-based production facilities
  • Energy pipelines
  • Warehouse and lay-down yard sites
  • Hydro fracking
  • Consumer electricity meters, utility pole and underground lines
  • Tracking and management of hazardous materials
  • Automated alerts for maintenance and management of certifications

From the moment an asset enters your facility to the moment it is retired or placed into production, you have a precise, real-time trail of the condition, location and current value of each asset. This allows you to focus on delivering operational and financial efficiencies that manual tracking cannot provide.

Hardware to Software: A Complete Solution

RFID is the most cost-effective of the IoT-enabled asset management solutions. Omni-ID can provide you with real-time visibility into asset performance and allowing you to effectively manage the entire asset lifecycle. Omni-ID’s award-winning portfolio of active & passive RFID tags can be used for petroleum personnel monitoring in critical situations, cargo carrying tracking, drill components and tools tracking, and to monitor and manage mobile and fixed equipment.

  • Proactive management of assets with considerable cost savings over manual inventory processes such as spreadsheets and bar codes (faster and less human error)
  • Control of asset inventory and location to eliminate missing parts from equipment kits delivered to the work site
  • Organize purchase orders, inspection dates and certifications by individual assets with automated access and notifications
  • Location and history of equipment in inventory and out in the field
  • Automated audit trails for compliance & regulatory reporting (no paper!)
  • Ensuring employee safety – with active monitoring, maintenance records & alerts

We ensure that you have the tools necessary to simply track, trace, inventory and report with a complete Enterprise Asset Management solution. We understand that re-architecting your current system or changing your business process is costly and time consuming. IoT- based enterprise asset management software can be run as either a stand-alone system or used as separable modules that can directly connect to your existing systems to enhance the value of your WMS, TMS and/or ERP. The inventory and reporting system can be implemented as a simple overlay to your existing infrastructure.

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RFID tags for the oil and gas industry that enable unprecedented level of asset visibility.

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Oil and GasOil and Gas
Omni-ID has extensive experience helping companies manage assets both on and off shore in every environment. Our tags are specially built for the rigors of the oil & gas industry to reliably provide you with asset visibility and control so you can locate what you need when you need it.

Sapiem Case Study

Omni-ID_gascylinderGas Cylinders
With an average annual loss rate of 20%, a simple and secure way to manage the inventory and maintenance of your cylinders is critical. We provide products for use on high-pressure gas cylinders to seamlessly manage your equipment anywhere in the world.

Gas Cylinders Success Story

Yard ManagementYard Management
The Omni-ID Enterprise Asset Management solution enables construction, and energy industry companies the ability to locate and track/record the maintenance and lifecycle all of the assets in a yard – faster, more accurately and without putting your employees in danger. Learn more on our Yard Management page.

Yard Management Success Story | PINC Success Story

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