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Automate how you find, count & measure your assets simply and cost effectively.

Reducing operational costs and improving profitability are just the beginning. A comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution powered by Omni-ID’s award-winning passive & active RFID tags enable enterprises around the globe to better manage, maintain and track their assets. Making strategic business management decisions to improve performance every single day has never been easier.

Omni-ID’s EAM solutions are used across all industries from IT and laboratory asset management, yard management in the construction and energy industries, retail, medical as well as manufacturing and logistics applications. Whether you are seeking a simple method for inventory counts or a complete asset management solution, Omni-ID can help.



Complete IoT Based Solutions: Hardware, Software, Services

CIOReview_250_EAMIt all starts with the tags, and Omni-ID has the largest portfolio of Passive and Active RFID tags in the industry. Tracking servers in a climate-controlled data center? Tractor-trailers transporting freight from site to site? We manufacture and optimize our tags for use in a variety of form factors designed to withstand various environments.

RFID is the most cost-effective of the IoT solutions available. IoT-enabled assets provide you with real-time visibility into asset performance and allow you to effectively manage the entire asset lifecycle. RFID will alert you when that server has been removed from the data center or that tractor-trailer has entered the yard. From the moment an asset enters your facility to the moment it is retired, you have a precise, real-time trail of the condition, location and current value of each asset. This allows you to focus on delivering operational and financial efficiencies that manual tracking cannot provide.

Manual tracking of your inventory can lead to a host of problems

RFID is one of the most reliable and lowest cost of the options for automating inventory counts and creating business efficiencies — RFID enables an IoT environment of connected machines, devices, objects and applications. This connected network provides you with the data and analytics that help you to make critical business decisions — faster. Those business decisions could involve regular equipment maintenance or replacement, unauthorized movement of assets, along with tracking asset lifecycles to ensure you can bill your customers accurately for usage or to meet leasing agreement requirements.

Enterprise Asset Management

We ensure that you have the tools necessary to simply track, trace, inventory and report. We understand that re-architecting your current system or changing your business process is costly and time consuming. IoT-based enterprise asset management software can be run as either a stand-alone system or used as separable modules that can directly connect to your existing ERP. Either way, your new asset tracking, inventory and reporting system can be implemented as a simple overlay to your existing infrastructure.

IT & Data Center Asset Management
We provide integrated RFID solutions for companies to help them track and locate IT assets and manage their lifecycles and future planning to create both business process and financial efficiencies. EAM solutions optimize deployment and utilization management, compliance or regulatory management as well as simple security and accurate customer billing. Data Center Success Story

cribmaster_embedded_rfidYard Management
Omni-ID has enabled construction and energy industry companies the ability to locate and track/record the maintenance and lifecycle all of the assets in a yard – faster, more accurately and without putting your employees in danger. In addition, we have successfully deployed active RFID to track the movement and location of transport haulers across multiple yards and project sites. Yard Management Success Story | PINC Success Story

cribmaster_embedded_rfidInventory Management as a Service
The ability to simply overlay and customize a full service EAM solution makes this the perfect addition to any enterprise service portfolio. Our system allows you to ‘step and replicate’ across multiple sites to extend an Inventory Management service offering to your customers as well!. Agilent Technologies Success Story

cribmaster_embedded_rfidRTI Management
EAM provides logistics management enabling you to know location and status of returnable transport items (RTIs). Whether you’re tracking bulk inventory or replenishing items in totes, trolleys and rollcarts, we can tailor a solution that uses active, passive or e-paper driven IoT systems.

EAM Case Study

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is one of the easiest and most obvious solutions enterprises are deploying to reduce operational costs and improve profitability.

EAM Case Study

RFID supported engine carrier management at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin.

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