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Automating IT and Data Center Asset Tracking Has Never Been Easier

IT-Callouts-1 Are you and your staff still laboring through manual inventory counts? Are you limited to gathering inventory every 6 months due to the time and effort required to conduct them? Do you question their accuracy based on the manual nature of the counts?

It’s never been more cost effective or easier to automate your processes and ensure that you have the accurate and timely inventory knowledge at your fingertips – ensuring that you meet your regulatory and customer obligations.

Omni-ID can help you take control of your inventory. Omni-ID is trusted by global Fortune 500 companies like HP, Cisco, Chrysler, NASA, Agilent, Bank of America, one of the world’s largest social media companies, and more to track their assets and maintain accurate and timely inventory records to ensure their success.

“This is a game changer. Instead of spending time trying to locate assets we can now look at the data we have collected to spot trends and behaviors regarding asset movement.”

– Joseph Sutorius, Chief Information Officer, East Irondequoit CSD

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“From a business perspective, the project has been a success, because we now have the ability to find and locate assets a lot faster than ever before. By site, we’ve cut our cycle-count time down from a few weeks to a few hours. Our employees like it because they can get access to devices quickly for, say, a data-center deployment.”

– Maryanne Flynn, Director of Operations for Cisco

expectmoreWith offices in the US, EU and Asia, Omni-ID offers the global presence to support you and scale quickly to meet your business requirements. Omni-ID is the #1 manufacturer and supplier globally of industrial RFID tags, in fact we build and ship millions of products each quarter for our customers. Owning a high volume factory ensures that you receive the highest quality products (100% testing) at the best prices, in the shortest timeframe.

Unsure about what technology or tag to use to track your assets? No problem, Omni-ID has the broadest selection of tags to fit your equipment, no matter the application. Many in the industry consider RF an art. We provide expert consulting to make the process easy for you. From low-cost, printable on-metal labels, to small form factor hard tags that withstand high temperature or that can be embedded into your equipment to active tags for real-time location and environmental sensing – we provide you with the broadest choice in the industry. We can also customize products to fit your exact requirements.

knowmoreIn addition to the broadest tag portfolio – we also ensure that you have the tools necessary to simply track, trace, inventory and report with a complete Enterprise Asset Management solution. We understand that re-architecting your current system or changing your business process is costly and time consuming. IoT- based enterprise asset management software can be run as either a stand-alone system or used as separable modules that can directly connect to your existing ERP. Either way, your new asset tracking, inventory and reporting system can be implemented as a simple overlay to your existing infrastructure. We will work with you to ensure that solution meets your specific business requirements.

domoreNot only is RFID one of the most reliable and lowest cost of the options for automating inventory counts and creating business efficiencies — RFID enables an IoT environment of connected machines, devices, objects and applications. This connected network provides you with the data and analytics that help you to make critical business decisions – faster. Those business decisions could involve regular equipment maintenance or replacement, unauthorized movement of assets, along with tracking asset lifecycles to ensure you can bill your customers accurately for usage or to meet leasing agreement requirements.

“We have seen a significant improvement in our Directorate’s ability to conduct fast and efficient inventories by approximately 80% using RFID and now have an accurate record of key testing and technical equipment being to and from field deployments.”

– Steve Mercier, Senior Systems Engineer, NASA

Benefits delivered by a RFID IT asset management solution:

  • Accurate & timely inventory ensures compliance and reporting requirements are met
  • Ensure your asset and customer data is secure with asset location tracking services
  • More frequent inventories can reduce and protect against loss and misuse
  • Ensures accurate customer billing and equipment leasing agreements through automated asset maintenance and lifecycle tracking

Passive RFID Labels
Omni-ID’s next generation of on-metal labels are ideal for tracking IT assets due to their low cost, ease of deployment and thin form factor that won’t interfere with asset use. These labels offer the most balanced and consistent performance, on or off-metal, in the market. With the broadest portfolio in the industry, including regional and global tuning, Omni-ID’s labels will help you manage everything from servers to mobile assets.

Passive RFID Tags
With their on and off-metal read performance and small form factor, Omni-ID’s passive tags are the perfect solution for IT asset management applications such as rack mounted servers, routers and blades and general IT and office equipment. These tags are easy to deploy, hassle free and are knock and splash resistant making them suitable for assets with a long lifecycle. Additionally, our embedded line provides an inexpensive, discreet option for asset tracking – an ideal solution for OEMs seeking to add value for their customers.

Active Tags
Omni-ID’s active RFID tags are ideal for use as a complement to passive labels or tags for an overall enterprise asset management solution. This battery powered tag enables real-time location sensing for continuous asset visibility, as well as environmental sensing to alert you of temperature and humidity changes that require attention.

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