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Omni-ID offers small quantity rolls for finite applications or as an initial introduction to RFID technology. Click here to order yours today or send your request to

On-Metal Labels: Don’t Limit Your Options. Expect More AND Pay Less.

Meet the Industry’s Next Generation On-Metal RFID Labels – the IQ 150, IQ 350 and IQ 600. You spoke. We listened. The result is the highest performing, best priced labels in the industry.

• Designed and tested to work with leading thermal RFID printers
• Industry’s best performance; balanced read ranges for on/off metal consistency
• Widest selection of options for optimal printing, encoding or customization!
• List priced 20-25% less than competitive products

More choices, more product options and more printer compatibility are just the beginning.
We understand that your applications have different requirements — from read range to size to printing, encoding and even adhesives and over-laminates. We’ve designed a line of products that not only meet your requirements but raise the bar on what to expect from on-metal labels.

Smaller Labels with 50% more read range per size than comparable competitive products

  • Most consistent performance in the industry
  • Products offer balanced, consistent performance on/off metal (and near liquid!)
  • Designed for flat or curved surfaces
  • IP 68 rated
  • TAA compliant

More Product Choices

  • Broadest portfolio of on-metal RFID Label products; with additional options for over laminate, adhesive, color printing and encoding available
  • Custom sizing available to suit your application
  • Release liner and ground plane options guarantee consistent, sustainable printing – faster than competitive products
  • Impinj Monza R6-P the standard IC option, and the Monza 4QT a custom option on the IQ 150 and IQ 600, ensure that customers obtain optimal privacy, performance, and memory benefits which address their specific application.

Products and Applications

IQ600_Cylinders_200x200IQ 600
As a next-generation version of this popular product, the IQ 600 is the most balanced product in the market. Its additional flexibility for curved surfaces makes it perfect for tracking a variety of Returnable Transport Items (RTIs), pipes, cylinders and metal racks for manufacturing, oil & gas, energy and other industrial applications.

IQ 600 Datasheet

IQ150_iPhone_200x200IQ 150
Designed with IT assets in mind, this is the narrowest, printable on-metal label available. Its balanced performance and perfect size make it the ideal choice for tracking not only IT assets, but also high-value laboratory and medical equipment.

IQ 150 Datasheet

IQ 350
With its small size but 3.5 meter read range and broad performance, this tag is an ideal choice in portal applications.

IQ 350 Datasheet

The best part — we own the manufacturing process so we boast the most competitive pricing in the market. Bring us a competitive quote for a similar product and we’ll beat it!

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