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Reflections on RFID Journal LIVE

Industry trends and why they matter.

Do you pay attention to the latest trends — like what diet fad is sweeping social media, or what color IS the new black? Whether you are or not, when it comes to this industry, trends matter. They make a difference. And they are evidence of continually advancing technology — something we all should get on board with.

The follow up to yet another successful RFID Journal live event is proving more and more that this is an exciting time to be in this industry. Here’s what I’m seeing: people from a multitude of industries (and from all over the world) have been tasked with something — inventory, tracking/traceability, compliance, etc. — and they can use RFID to solve it.

Visitors to our booth were not only familiar with RFID, but they were eager to know more and understand how they can use the technology to increase efficiency in their businesses. IT staffs and supply chain managers are looking to get “smart” by giving their assets a voice, automating processes and using RFID to do so.

What many of these people already seemed to know is that properly tracking inventory and assets goes far beyond counting. It’s finding the right parts and getting them to the right place, where you need them, when you need them. And RFID is the answer.

A key theme that continued to come up among visitors to our booth was the need for customized or embedded tags, and this need spanned industries from pipe manufacturers to medical devices. Also, many visitors were interested in RFID due to concerns over theft prevention and counterfeiting, tracking high-end luxury or retail items, and having the ability to quickly and easily locate an exact part in a warehouse or yard.
RFID Journal LIVE confirmed what I already knew — RFID is trending. Rapidly.

There was a palpable excitement and expectation among attendees and much of it was directed at Omni-ID. So, if so many people already know and understand the value of RFID, here’s the real question: Why Omni-ID?

  • We’re the patent holder and inventor of the on-metal tag
  • We offer an unmatched breadth of products
  • We are proud of our rich history of innovation
  • We are making highly innovative and desirable technology available across industries at an affordable price

We are changing the game, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

To learn more about what Omni-ID is up to and to stay up to date on the latest and greatest RFID developments, follow us on Twitter @Omni-ID, connect with me on LinkedIn, or subscribe to my blog in the sidebar to make sure you never miss a beat.

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