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ProVIEW: Replenishment Application Module

Getting the right parts to the right place at the right time in essential in any factory. ProVIEW’s Replenishment application ensures your operators never run out of parts at any point in the process.

Parts replenishment is a key function in any manufacturing operation. Operators “call” for parts by pressing the View tag button or “auto call” via a sensor — immediately receiving a “call sent” confirmation. The warehouse receives the call & executes the pick. Delivery is scheduled with specified routes and instruction. ProVIEW is wireless, enabling low installation costs and quick reconfiguration for a dynamic factory.

Standard Work: No Training or Re-training Necessary

This simple and intuitive system includes visual indicators and instruction for the operator, warehouse and driver. Visual instructions & automatic driver routing require little to no training — providing for ease of use and deployment.

  • Automated call is triggered when rack or bins are empty, eliminating opportunity for error in parts call
  • Eliminates need for manual replenishment flags and material handler “searching”
  • Increases employee retention rates with highly simplified system (less training required)

Re-Configurability: Simple Wireless Deployment

No wired infrastructure is required for ProVIEW – it’s easy to set up or add in a part change on the fly, no software reconfigurations are necessary.

  • Dynamic supermarket capability
  • No hard-wired infrastructure is required, easy to reconfigure zones
  • Reduce capital purchases, fewer racks and containers necessary

Visual Factory: Real-Time Visual Instruction and Indicators for Operators

ProVIEW’s Replenishment module improves the communication of information and the accuracy of the process.

  • Hands-free operation – no hand held readers are required
  • Eliminate FIFO & sequencing errors, both visual instruction and operator feedback confirms order sent and correct delivery received
  • Instruct & guide drivers in real-time, ensuring return material gets to the correct delivery location

Monitor KPIs: Manager dashboards and reporting for pick rates, delivery timing & alerts

Smart containers provide new visibility into individual calls, picks and deliveries

  • Mass messaging to Smart Containers enables real time quality alerts or quarantine
  • Analyze bottlenecks to improve throughput
  • Balance processes and eliminate waste (Muda)
  • Connects easily to existing ERP/MES/WMS systems

ProVIEW combines the strengths of RF picking, visual logistics and traditional, pick-to-light systems to improve accuracy from 99.7 to 99.97%

ProVIEW Overview

ProVIEW Video

Get the right parts to the right place
at the right time with ProVIEW!

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