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Best Practices in RFID Tag Quality Assurance and Testing

Find out more about best practices and ensuring the stability and durability of RFID tags right out of the box and in real world deployments.


Application Guides

   Link Mobile Gateway User Guide | Link Network Gateway User Guide

On Metal Labels User and Printer Guides

   IQ On Metal Labels User Guide | IQ 100 Orientation Note | Sato CL4NX Printer Guide | Zebra Custom ZT410 Printer Guide | Zebra Printers Encoding Note | Printing and Encoding IQ labels on the Custom Zebra ZT410 printer


   ProVIEW Solutions Brochure | ProVIEW Container Management Module | ProVIEW Replenishment Module | ProVIEW Work Instructions Module | ProVIEW Pick Module | Manufacturing & Logistics  | DoD Brochure

Videos and Webinars

How RAIN RFID can Help Manage your Data Center
Learn about the synergy of Impinj, RFID Global Solutions and Omni-ID to provide a complete solution for your customer in the Data Center.

The Journey from Industrial RFID to the Industrial Internet of Things
omni_iconOmni-ID CEO George Daddis explains the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) in this webinar from RFID Journal.

Top 10: Best Practices for Deploying RFID in Harsh Environments
rfidjournal_iconDeploying a successful RFID solution in harsh environments requires specific knowledge and considerations that can only be gained through extensive field application experience. Listen to Omni-ID’s presentation during the recent RFID Journal Event: RFID in Harsh Environments.

Utilizing IoT Technologies to Improve Workflow – Ed Nabrotzky, CSO, Omni-ID
omni_icon The Internet of Things can be used not only to track items and count inventories, but also provide enhanced visibility and real-time process control. Ed will be speaking about “on demand” manufacturing. Changes are coming rapidly in manufacturing and in order to gain efficiencies, we must be able to see, control and respond to real time demands.

Creating a Dynamic Manufacturing Environment Through IoT — George Daddis, Jr. President & CEO, Omni-ID
omni_icon Using specific examples from case studies, this presentation examines how Fortune 500 companies are embracing the IIoT to create dynamic, intelligent operational environments that are setting the standard for and leading the wave of 21st-century manufacturing in America.

Omni-ID’s Enterprise Asset Management Solution
omni_icon Omni-ID’s comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution is one of the easiest and most obvious solutions enterprises are deploying to reduce operational costs and improve profitability.

Know More: Embedded RFID for Industrial Applications
omni_icon Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who is source tagging assets for reverse logistics or as a service to your customers, or an end user in a hospital or datacenter, you may be considering embedded RFID for enhanced process visibility. Find out more about the “science” around embedded tagging and what to look for when considering embedding RFID into your products.

The Next Generation in On-Metal RFID Labels
omni_iconIntroducing the new IQ 150, 300 and 600 as well as the two new Global labels, the IQ 100 and 500. Learn how you can Expect More with more options, more customization and more RFID printer options.

Omni-ID Webinar: Utilizing RFID in High Temperature Applications
omni_iconOmni- ID announces New High Temperature Tags. Let Omni-ID help you begin a checklist of information to define the key requirements necessary for an effective deployment of RFID in high temperature applications

Omni-ID Webinar: Asset & Equipment Tracking Using Open Standards
omni_iconA discussion of the benefits of adopting open standards for asset, equipment and material tracking in the Global Oil & Gas market.

Omni-ID ProVIEW System – Turn your Paper Labeled Boxes into Smart Containers
omni_iconThe Future of Manufacturing – Turning your Paper labeled boxes into Smart Containers with ProVIEW – epaper screen that can change dynamically and allow workers to receive immediate information. Listen to learn more.

Whirlpool Corporation Case Study
omni_iconManufacturing Lean & Green. See where Omni-ID’s ProVIEW System provides an automatic tracking system and visual cues for WIP, Improvement to planning with Real-time accurate parts inventory, fits seamlessly into existing process and increases the ability to meet market demands efficiently.

Omni-ID & Impinj On-Metal Label Webinar
omni_iconNew RFID Labels advance on-metal and on-liquid asset tracking capabilities. Featuring Impinj Monza® Chips and Omni-ID IQ 400 and IQ 600 Labels.

RFID in the Supply Chain. Using RFID to Improve Efficiencies in Transportation and Manufacturing.
omni_iconFind out how companies in the manufacturing and transportation industries, along with the United States Marine Corps, are successfully leveraging RFID to gain greater visibility into their supply chain.

RFID in Manufacturing – Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID
rfidjournal_iconA discussion of the RFID for manufacturing with Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID.

Utilizing IoT Technologies to Improve Workflow – Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID
rfidjournal_iconA discussion of the next generation in RFID for manufacturing, including how new technologies facilitated by the Internet of Things can be used not only to track items and count inventories, but also to provide enhanced visibility and real-time process control.

Top 10 Best Practices for Deploying RFID in Harsh Environments — Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID
rfidjournal_iconFrom architecting a solution for asset tracking to MRO or meeting regulatory requirements, hear the ten best practices that every end user and solution provider should consider when implementing solutions in harsh conditions.

RFID in Harsh Environments – Tony Kington, Managing Director, Europe and EVP Sales for Omni-ID
rfidjournal_iconListen to Tony Kington, Managing Director, Europe and EVP Sales for Omni-ID, as he talks about Omni-ID, the industry’s largest producer of rugged, industrial tags & high performance labels and the broadest, comprehensive suite of harsh environment products in the marketplace.

RFID in Harsh Environments – Jack Dowling, CEO of Votum Technology
rfidjournal_iconJack Dowling, CEO of Votum Technology Group, an Omni-ID Partner, will speak about an oil services and equipment company and how they use RFID to increase utilization of assets and increase the asset data reliability to help improve materials management. Oilfield services industries can also benefit from RFID by providing an ongoing history of maintenance, repair and certifications for each and every asset.

PINC Solutions – Grocery Retailer Case Study – Advanced Yard Management
rfidjournal_iconWith more than 1,100 traditional retail food stores that wear popular names like Acme, Albertsons, and Jewel-Osco under its corporate umbrella, Supervalu, Inc., of Eden Prairie, Minn., depends heavily on a smooth-running supply chain to get its food from the warehouse to the customer’s dinner table.

RFID Tag Benchmark for IT Asset Management
rfidjournal_iconThe largest data centers in the world are using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for IT asset management; and there are numerous companies claiming to have RFID tags designed for IT asset management. The RFID Network engineers did performance testing of commercially available RFID tags advertised as complying with the FSTC Guidelines for IT asset management.

Visual Tagging: The Next Generation of Auto-ID
rfidjournal_iconFind out how tremendous benefits are being uncovered in the manufacturing, logistics, health-care, financial, pharmaceutical and entertainment industries, though practical demonstrations of use cases, as well as return-on-investment (ROI) calculations and feedback from Omni-ID’s customers.

The Ultra Tag: Watch the Video Product Review
rfidjournal_iconLouis Sirico of RFID Wizards reviews the Ultra – the long-range tag with a read-range up to 100 feet.

IBM RFID Data Center and IT Asset Management Webinar
rfidjournal_iconIssues Facing IT Asset Managers (IAITAM), RFID Data Center Overview (IBM), Active versus Passive RFID Technologies for IT Asset Management (Omni-ID)

Omni-ID at RFID Journal Live! Video
rfidjournal_iconRFID tags track high-value assets in metal environments in places like data centers.



RFID Asset Tracking Implementations
Achieve high-performance with Omni-ID’s affordable RFID asset tracking in a wide range of environments.

RFID Technology: See How It Works
Omni-ID technology is redefining RFID.

White Papers & Reports

IT Asset Management White Paper
Interested in finding out more about ROI’s and how RFID can help your business?

Learn how Omni-ID developed a passive long-range RFID tag for the USMC to track containers all around the world.

Long Range RFID Benchmark Report
Product Benchmark Report by Industry Wizards and RFID Global Solutions.

RFID IT Asset Management in the Data Center
Learn how RFID enables companies to reliably and cost-effectively identify where their physical assets are located.

Durable Asset Tag Product Evaluation & Benchmarking
Louis Sirico of evaluated twelve commercially available Durable Asset Tags (Metal Mount and Submersible RFID tags).

The Technology of On-Metal RFID
Learn how RFID works, the difference between RFID types, and why metal and liquid cause so many problems for RFID.

Best Practices Guide to RFID Implementation, Testing and Deployment
A guide to the multi-faceted considerations of RFID implementation; selecting the right system for your environment.

U.S. Marines’ Blount Island Command Attaches Passive Tags to Containers
Read how the deployment of long-range Omni-ID EPC Gen 2 tags expedites the loading and unloading of cargo.

Success Stories

Auto Supplier Pick Success Story
Auto supplier eliminates paper, cuts labor in half, and training time by 90%, using Omni-ID’s Pick application

Detroit Build Book
Detroit Incorporates ProVIEWTM as Build Book Solution

Detroit Parts Replenishment
Detroit Replaces Paper KANBAN System with ProVIEWTM for Parts Replenishment

NASA Improves Inventory Time 30% Using Agency-wide RFID Solution
Omni-ID supplies NASA with a customized RFID solution to create inventory efficiencies across 12 sites tracking tens of thousands of assets.

Hera Group introduces tracking and traceability system to support environmental services management
Omni-ID develops highly impact resistant, on-metal passive tag enabling gas provider to track cylinders throughout its global supply chain.

Omni-ID Tracks Assets for a Global Provider of High-pressure Gas Cylinders
The Hera Group, one of the primary multi-utility agencies in Italy, employs over 200K Omni-ID Exo 800 tags to track road waste containers.

RFID Aids the Village of Thiensville
An RFID infrastructure marking system simplifies the location and mapping of underground utilities.

Supervalu feasts on yard visibility
With more than 1,100 traditional retail food stores that wear popular names like Acme, Albertsons, and Jewel-Osco under its corporate umbrella, Supervalu, Inc., of Eden Prairie, Minn., depends heavily on a smooth-running supply chain to get its food from the warehouse to the customer’s dinner table.

NASA Employs RFID Asset Management Solution for Data Center and Lab Equipment
Find out how NASA is deploying RFID for asset management of data center and lab equipment.

RFID Makes Self-Service Equipment Rental Practical for Speedy Services
Find out how an RFID based tool rental unit helps to save time and money on the construction site.

RFID Tags Deployed in Offshore Oil Industry for Inventory Control
Saipem uses RFID to keep track of the wide range of equipment used in global oil and gas recovery operations – a tremendous challenge in these harsh environments, given that steel is the primary material and often it is submerged in salt water!

Redefining Laptop Security at Financial Institution
Maintaining security for high-value assets that leave the building every day is a challenge. The solution was to implement automatic identification at the security desks.

IT Asset Tracking for Risk Mitigation and Compliance
One of the nation’s largest banks uses Omni-ID RFID tags to inventory its IT assets, including recording removal or entry to a data center.

Asset Tracking and Visibility in the IT Data Center
Learn how RFID tagging enables organizations to increase efficiency in IT inventory and asset management tracking.

Transportation Agency Automates Asset Tracking System
Manually tracking and managing IT assets and inventory was time consuming, error prone, and an administrative burden. Learn how RFID tags cut inventory tracking by 50%.

RFID For Aerospace & Defense Applications
OATSystems Integrates Real-time Visibility: RFID-enabled Applications in Defense and Aerospace.

Hands-Free RFID Tool Tracking System
Holt Cat manages tens of thousands of tools and found a barcode approach inefficient and labor intensive.

Inventory Tracking at the Coal Mine
BMA tracks over 17,000 equipment items and the 300 mine personnel who physically enter the warehouse. The solution was to embed RFID chips into each helmet.

Inventory Tracking in Retail Warehousing
Learn why one of world’s largest retail chains is integrating EPC RFID tagging into its business to improve pallet tracking in its warehouse operations.

Supply Chain Transparency in an Automobile Engine Tracking Pilot
Learn how RFID tagging enables a European automobile engine manufacturer to calculate circulation time of the company’s container assets.

Full Verification of Disk Drive Destruction
Theft and loss through careless handling procedures are the primary means by which sensitive information is inadvertently disclosed.

RFID Reference Guides

Ruggedized RFID Tag Attachment Guide
An overview of RFID, benefits of RFID over traditional ID technologies, and selecting passive over active.

Higgs-3 Features
Higgs-3 offers enhanced authentication and security capabilities along with extended memory and EPC number features.

Adhesives for your Omni-ID RFID Tags
Instructions for applying your RFID tags; surface preparation, application temperature, pressure and bonding time.

An Introduction to RFID
An Overview of RFID, benefits of RFID over traditional ID technologies, and selecting passive over active.

RFID Glossary
New to the RFID Industry? Learn to speak the lingo.

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