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Technology of RFID Tags

At Omni-ID labs we are passionate about new technology … but we spend just as much time thinking about how to delight our customers with a continued focus on consistent and persistent product performance to create business efficiencies and automate asset management — in any environment.

certifications warranty complianceWe are the original patent-holder and inventor of on-metal and balanced (on and off metal) UHF passive tags and launched our first products nearly 10 years ago. Today, we are the #1 manufacturer and supplier of industrial RFID tags globally. Omni-ID continues to lead by developing and installing complete hardware and software solutions for manufacturing and industry based on our deep history, market knowledge and customer expertise.

From Passive RFID tags to Active RFID tags and our one-of a kind e-paper solution, ProVIEW , Omni-ID’s team of product developers and engineers not only focus on technology – but ensuring that our tags, asset tracking software or ProVIEW system solutions drive business efficiencies, cost effectively – in an IoT world.

As a company known for its innovative products and inventions – we’re developing new tracking technologies every day that are not only changing the industry landscape, but helping companies create efficiencies for the long run with our asset  and material flow management solutions.

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Omni-ID is an organization that was founded on both innovation and the highest standards of quality. At Omni-ID we understand that our RFID tags and system solutions are mission critical components in industrial business. Whether they are used to validate inventories for compliance and the financial accounting of assets, or for providing the logistics and planning information for a manufacturing facility or ensuring safety in offshore oil production, Omni-ID solutions form the base for many business critical functions.

To that end, we ensure that our products work – every time, right out of the box. Our Product Validation testing is the best in the market, and we stand behind that with an industry-leading 3-year warranty on hard-encased tags.

Proprietary testing protocol that includes pre-production testing and 100% testing at three points during production to ensure 100% quality at delivery and in real world deployments.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) program that includes several weeks of exposure to extreme environmental conditions, high and low temperatures, ingress testing to ensure waterproofing, and high impact mechanical testing.

Plasmonic Structure

Patents US7880619 and US7768400 granted in the US as well as those in Europe and Asia form the foundation of the Omni-ID on-metal/near liquid RFID intellectual property. Traditional tags are based on antennas, which don’t work when placed near metal or many liquids. Omni-ID’s patented “Plasmonic Structure” design uses layers of conductors and dielectrics to isolate the RF from the tag’s surrounding environment, which ensures the tag performs successfully on/near metal and liquids.

Today, that unique knowledge provides us with a highly flexible technology platform that enables new products and product customizations that lead the industry in performance and reliability.

plasmatic structure of rfid tags

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