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Tracking Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) with RFID

RTIs or Returnable Transport Items, are a major component in supply chain as well as manufacturing. When properly managed, RTIs can be a powerful tool to support efficient and sustainable supply chain practices but finding an effective way to track and manage your RTIs is the real challenge.

RFID is your solution!

RFID tags enable the real-time tracking of each individual RTI asset – from the moment it leaves your facility to the moment it is returned, again and again. Do you know where your RTIs are? No more lost product whether in transport or in your own facility. The Internet of Things is revolutionizing supply chain visibility, ushering in a new era of data intelligence and accessibility.

How does It Work?

Each RTI is equipped with a durable RFID tag that provides visibility into the containers’ chain of custody. The tag identifies the type and size of the asset, the service date and other essential data needed for monitoring. This information can be automatically captured whenever the asset is within range of an RFID reader – this could be a fixed reader at a warehouse door or loading dock, a mobile reader mounted on a forklift or pallet jack, or a handheld reader carried on the plant floor for quick inventory.  Using UHF, an entire truckload of hundreds of individually tagged RTI containers can be accounted for in just a few minutes.

Omni-ID’s RFID tags are designed for optimal performance on metal, plastic or wood containers of any size or shape.  This includes chemical drums and refillable beverage kegs; large steel shipping and cargo containers; wooden or plastic crates and pallets; metal racks and roll cages; and plastic bins and totes.

Omni-ID’s broad portfolio of RFID tags are the key to tracking, identification, locating and enabling quick delivery of RTI containers to customers and back again to be reused.

Hard Tags

Rugged Hard Tags

  • Rugged for outdoor use
  • Read ranges from 6 to 30 meters
  • Many attachment options
  • Sizes optimized for standard containers
  • Transparent option = print protection
  • Regional & Global frequency


Flexible for Many Applications

  • Thin form factor for stacking
  • Durable for indoor & outdoor
  • Overlaminate surface protection
  • Low cost / Long read range
  • Low profile
  • Global & balanced options

IQ Labels

On and Off Metal Labels

  • Best size to performance ratio
  • Numerous read range options
  • Easy peel & stick attachment
  • On site thermal printer capable
  • Lowest cost option
  • On and off metal and high temperature options

CORE RFID Success Story


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Key Benefits of Implementing RFID tags on RTIs

  • Process Automation — Real-time automatic tracking improves inventory management
  • Digital Transformation — Improvements to production output and operational efficiency
  • Reduction in shrinkage & loss– Immediately identify losses and locate missing assets
  • Evolution of IoT — Enables greater intelligence connecting people, processes and data
  • Monitored repair & maintenance — Automatic maintenance scheduling
  • Optimized Transportation management — Efficient staging = reduction in erroneous shipments.
  • Reductions in disputes between partners — Asset location information is tracked at each stop.

RFID tags enable efficient RTI asset management:

RFID has proven to be an exceptionally effective and reliable method for tracking RTIs and their valuable contents throughout the supply chain and in the manufacturing environment from delivery through final build. Greater visibility means there is no need to carry excess inventory and waste valuable resources to ensure continuity of service. By unlocking the value of returnable and reusable assets with RFID enabled solutions your company will provide a configurable, automated and highly efficient operation with full visibility into every asset.

Need a longer read range than a passive tag can provide?

Talk to us about a custom RTI tag for your application!

We’ve developed custom RFID solutions for companies around the globe

ProVIEW Container Management replaces the Paper with visual instructions + tracking for material flow management in manufacturing applications.

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