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Supercharge your IoT projects

We promised some exciting new products at the start of the year and here they are the new Sense range of IoT devices designed to supercharge IoT connectivity.

We have harnessed the power of Bluetooth and LoRaWAN to extend the scope of ordinary active tags and create high performing devices that offer long range, energy efficiency, position accuracy and low cost.

The new Sense range combines a comprehensive set of sensors with a potent mixture of technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy, GPS and high performance, open standard LPWAN communication protocols to create hugely effective IoT devices. The devices are powerful yet hugely energy efficient providing a long life.

As with all Omni-ID products the new range comes with high levels of innovation and production quality built in.

The Sense range is the first in an anticipated long line of forward-looking communication devices from Omni-ID offering robust, reliable and effective linkage to the Internet of Things.

To learn more click below to watch our Sense video

This is the future of tracking, monitoring, sensing and data gathering.

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