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Yard Management: Find what you need. When you need it.

Managing a vast laydown yard or construction site presents a number of challenges: What is my inventory count? Where is my specific inventory? Which truck is next at the dock? How long are drivers waiting to unload shipments?

Challenges such as these are successfully addressed through an RFID-based Yard Management Solution. Omni-ID’s complete solution, with integrated hardware and software, enables construction, energy industry companies, retailers and others with large yards the ability to locate, track and record the maintenance and lifecycle of all the assets in a yard – faster, more accurately and with far less effort.

100,000_CalloutsWe give you visibility across your site so you always know your inventory, and more importantly where to find it when you need it. Easier retrieval of inventory results in far greater efficiencies. Eliminate the paperwork, manual counting, and repeated trips across the yard to verify assets. RFID tagged assets allow you to control your site:

  • Asset Location Service ensures quick and easy asset location
  • Operational cost savings through less usage of yard-handling equipment such as search trucks
  • Reduce shrinkage due to theft or lost items
  • Find location and history of equipment in inventory and the field. RFID tags stay with an asset throughout its life whereas barcodes wear off.
  • Site delivery logistics and materials tracking help control asset inventory and location to eliminate missing parts from equipment delivered to the work site
  • Track and manage tools used by your contractors by automating check in & replacement
  • Eliminate inventory shortages
  • Compliance with OSHA regulations due to accurate and timely reporting
  • Ensure safety through use of a hands free process that eliminates manual walking of the yard

Dynamic Inbound / Outbound Shipment Management

One of the greatest opportunities for increasing operational efficiencies is the movement of shipping trucks from the gate to dock door. Too often this process is conducted manually resulting in errors, misplaced vehicles and workers sitting around waiting for instructions. Valuable man hours are wasted by yard jockeys scouring a yard for haulers or drivers arriving at the yard being forced to wait hours before the dock door opens.

RFID is an ideal solution for tracking the movement and location of transport haulers across multiple yards and project sites. Through active and passive RFID, such as Omni-ID’s Power 400/415 tag, yard management becomes an automated process providing managers dynamic control over shipments and inventories. RFID tagged vehicles deliver valuable information to your management systems such as their contents as they arrive on the yard, time of arrival and location on the yard enabling the prioritization and initiation of their moves creating a more efficient and productive yard.

The benefits of RFID for vehicle management on the yard:

  • Decision-making based on real-time capacity, labor, and resource requirements
  • Streamline gate management with automated check-in / check-out
  • Dock Management: Efficient scheduling of dock door appointments using real-time data
  • Minimize driver wait times to improve the overall efficiency for an organization
  • Communication to yard truck drivers increases productivity and yard safety
  • Carrier Collaboration: Jointly manage shipments and inventories across organizational boundaries to create more collaborative relationships with strategic partners

Best Practices for Deploying RFID in Harsh Environments

Ed Nabrotzky discusses the deployment of successful RFID solutions in harsh environments using the knowledge gained through extensive field application experience.

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Hardware to Software: A Complete Solution

Utilizing award-winning passive and active RFID solutions enables enterprises to better manage, maintain, and track their assets for daily and strategic business management decisions.

RFID is the most cost-effective of the IoT-enabled assets providing you with real-time visibility into asset performance and allowing you to effectively manage the entire asset lifecycle. RFID will alert you when tools have been removed from the job site or a tractor-trailer has entered the yard. From the moment an asset enters your facility to the moment it is retired or placed into production, you have a precise, real-time trail of the condition, location and current value of each asset. This allows you to focus on delivering operational and financial efficiencies that manual tracking cannot provide.

Omni-ID has the largest portfolio of Passive and Active RFID tags in the industry. From a strap attachment tag for large cylinders to a steel-encased tag for very heavy industrial uses – our tags are designed to endure the most challenging environments:

  • Rugged tags, specialized products designed for pipes, casings, drill collars, safety equipment, slings, shackles, shipping containers, utility poles, trucks and everything in between
  • Easily reads on-off metal/near liquids at a distance, no need to move gear or remove debris from barcodes
  • Sledgehammer safe for harsh environments with guaranteed durability (3-year warranty on most encased products)
  • Innovative High Temperature tags are setting the bar for the smallest size tags with the highest temperature survivability of 225°C.
  • Intrinsically safe products – ATEX and Class 1 Div 1, Class 1 Div 2 Certified

We ensure that you have the tools necessary to simply track, trace, inventory and report with a complete Enterprise Asset Management solution. We understand that re-architecting your current system or changing your business process is costly and time consuming. IoT- based enterprise asset management software can be run as either a stand-alone system or used as separable modules that can directly connect to your existing systems to enhance the value of your WMS, TMS and/or ERP. The inventory and reporting system can be implemented as a simple overlay to your existing infrastructure.

Construction SiteConstruction Site Management
The construction site manager’s daily tasks are the ordering, receiving, handling and distribution of raw materials, tools, and labor. We’ll help you automate these tasks providing you with timely and accurate inventory, location and usage data to more effectively manage your site.

Yard ManagementYard Management
The Omni-ID Enterprise Asset Management solutions enable construction, and energy industry companies the ability to locate and track/record the maintenance and lifecycle all of the assets in a yard – faster, more accurately and without putting your employees in danger. Yard Management Success Story | PINC Success Story

embedded_rfidTool Tracking
With numerous contractors working a site it can be challenging to maintain accurate tracking and inventory of tools and equipment. RFID tags and labels will provide you with visibility, tracking and utilization information across a job site. Automated inventory and maintenance records will reduce shrinkage and over ordering due to theft or misplaced items. Supervalu Case Study

Oil and GasOil and Gas
Omni-ID has extensive experience helping companies manage assets both on and off shore. Visit our Energy page to learn more.

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